what is the measure of jhn? 25° 45° 50° 95°

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What is the measure of JHN?

A. 25°

B. 45°

C. 50°

D. 95°

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Answer :

First, it is important to realize that angles MHL and JHK are vertical angles and are therefore equal and we are given both of these angle measures. We can find angle JHK because angle JHN plus angle NHK equals JHK. So Since we have angles JHN (x+20) and NHK (x+25) we therefore have angle JHK (x+20+x+25 or 2x+45). Now, wince we have angles MHL and JHK and we know that they are equal, we can write the equation: MHL=JHK, or 3x+20=2x+45. First, we must subtract 2x from both sides to get x+20=45. Then, we must subtract 20 from both sides to get x=25. Since we have a value for x and we know angle JHN is x+20, angle JHN must be 45 (25+20=45).

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